Castellani Livigno Apartments I migliori appartamenti a Livigno da 4 a 9 posti letto!


Livigno is 1.816 meters sea level. It is one of the most beautiful place in the alps to mountainbiking. There are almost 600 km around the village for all MTBrs skills. It offers even some beautiful trails to hike, horse tours, or shopping in the duty free area. You can discover the last new about the mountainbike: the FAT BIKE (electric or “normal”) . Those are available since 2014 and you will see a lot of them during the next two years 2016 and 2017. The shops will be ready to rent them to you offering a new point of view regarding how to move on bike! Doesn’t matter if on snow, trails or in downtown!



The E-FAT-BIKE we talked about in the Summer section, will drive you during the Autumm period between almost freezing trails: the best terrain for them after the snow! Mostly of the shops will be open, like the restaurants. Those will be ready with the tipical dishes from Valtellina: dear, grapes, chestnuts and turnip.



The core business of Livigno. Thanks to the snow, the Winter in Livigno it really intense: more than 115 km of slopes for alpine skiing, 50 for cross country. If you don’t like to ski or snowboarding, there are other activities: ice climbing, horse riding, skating, or…shopping. In the evening you will have a lot of fun following the huge parties starting from apres-ski throught the dinner and ending at pubs! Soon you will not find anymore motor sports because the Mayor has choose, finally on 2015, to erase all of them!



After the main season, Livigno can offer a lot in this really impressive quite and relaxing season (May-June)
Just before the summer, here you can still find some snow to keep training and have a really nice ski touring in the middle of the alps.
Staing outside on the snow will be helping a lot to become tanned in a really short time! The story it’s the same: mostly of shops and restaurants will be open and you can enjoy the village without any frenzy.